Book Buddies | treatment for a feature movie

A former singer of the 1960s sees the near end of her life in an elderly home. Her relationship with a little girl from the in-house kindergarten changes everything. It's a movie about transformation from depression and self-destruction to love and reconciliation. 


"This is a charming, entertaining, fun, and inspiring story. It's terrific to see older people as the leads. They are interesting people that will provide a good role for good actors. And the music will further add to the enjoyment." - Linda Seger

Genre: Comedy Drama

The Black Sheep | treatment for a feature movie


An unemployed banker applies for a position as a priest. This is an unorthodox story about the conflict of conscience between the desire for a fixed salary and personal happiness.

Genre: Comedy Drama





The Tape | outline for a feature movie

A cleaning lady accidentally tapes a conversation about an upcoming assassination as part of information manipulated to start a war with Russia. This chilling story is about the power and practices of the American deep state.

Genre: Thriller

A Very White Christmas | screenplay for a feature movie

A family thrust together at Christmas that must deal with their misgivings and flaws. A “classic” Christmas tale with some wild and wacky twists.

"The indie feel and unique take on Christmas - which gives it a good release window and superb marketing potential - will make this film attractive to many producers! Finally, casting for this film will be easily accomplished, since the characters are fun and different, with emotional depth to explore as well as juicy scenes to play. Bankable actors can be approached with confidence."

Rating: Recommend

Score: 8.5

- Script coverage report by TSL Notes 

Genre: Comedy Drama


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