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Say Cheese | treatment

A lazy, unemployed hipster must work in the Alps, spending his summer with an unromantic, German, high-tech shepherd. Even though it’s the worst time of his life, he finally discovers what his purpose is.

“The jury particularly liked that there are no heroes or losers and that the protagonists develop, show weaknesses, build strengths, become capable of action. There are enough ideas here for a long feature film.”

– Film commission St. Gallen

Genres: Comedy, Drama



A Very White Christmas | screenplay 

On Christmas night, a family is reunited under strange and somewhat salacious circumstances at their family pied-à-terre in the city. Each family member arrives for reasons they are trying to hide, and they are soon forced to face one another's secrets and lies.

"The indie feel and unique take on Christmas - which gives it a good release window and superb marketing potential - will make this film attractive to many producers! Finally, casting for this film will be easily accomplished, since the characters are fun and different, with emotional depth to explore as well as juicy scenes to play. Bankable actors can be approached with confidence."

Rating: Recommend

Score: 8.5

– Script coverage report by TSL Notes 

Genres: Comedy, Drama



Book Buddies | treatment 

An old, narcissistic, and frustrated female singer has to stay in an assisted living facility with an integrated kindergarten where she is obliged to read books to an insecure girl and finds her zest for life.


"This is a charming, entertaining, fun, and inspiring story. It's terrific to see older people as the leads. They are interesting people that will provide a good role for good actors. And the music will further add to the enjoyment."

– Linda Seger

Genres: Comedy, Drama


The Black Sheep | treatment 


An unemployed and greedy ex-banker desperately looks for a job, but, when he gets a position as a well-paid priest and meets the love of his life, his lie prevents him from being happy.

Genres: Comedy, Drama

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